Welcome to J/70 Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 in Denmark

2017 will be the first season of Grundig Sailing Cup in Denmark, following the successful start of the series in Norway and Sweden in 2016.

We will offer Danish J/70 Sailors – and of course also sailors from neighboring countries - three events during the 2017 season will be in three different parts of Denmark, with one at Fyn, one in Jylland and one at Själland.

The first regatta will take place in the surroundings in Thurø at Svendborg Sund, Fyn at 10.-11. June and the second will take place in Hadsund at Mariager Fjord, Jylland at 19.-20. August and this event will at the same time be the Danish Class Championship 2017.

The final event in the series will be at Skovshoved 23.-24. September in the northern part of Copenhagen, where the Nordic Championship was organized in 2016, and this event will conclude the Grundig Sailing Cup 2017 series in Denmark.

Hope you are ready for an exciting year of J/70 fleet racing in Denmark, where we focus not only at exiting racing on the water, but also building a good friendship and cooperation in the J/70 Class Denmark. It is our goal that the J/70 Class in a few years will be the largest and most active keelboat class in Denmark.

08-06-2017 SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to only 7 entries for Thurø, KDY and Thurø Sailing Club last Friday decided to cancel the event. All entered boats have been been contacted by e-mail.

We are looking forward to see the teams in Hadsund and Skovshoved in august and september. If you wish to be on the mailing list, please send a mail to danibsen (at) kdy.dk